On Stage

book design

The Task

shed light on rock’n’roll

The Task

The Result

On Stage is a bilingual pictorial volume, that has resulted in photographs that convey the passion, ambience and energy of the performances and allow the viewer to take part in the special atmosphere of the live concert. A key element in the design approach is the colorful light of the light shows which shines through the photography on the design itself and therefore gives every page its very unique character. The imagery is accompanied by text fragments based on the experience of stage photographers, musicians and those who are living the life on stage.

Prof. Klaus Hesse

Art Direction
Yuriy Matveev, Nikolas Brückmann

Graphic Design
Laura Hartmann

Artistic Director of Photography
Clemens Mitscher

Aline Toussaint, Camilo Brau Alvarado, Carina Böhler, Christopher von Harbou, Clemens Mitscher, David Gonter, Dominik Dresel, Elena Osmann, Felix Kosok, Florian Albrecht-Schoeck, Franziska Kronmüller, Hanke Wilsmann, Jaewon Chung, Janine Bächle, Johannes Lenzgeiger, Jonas Osmann, Kathrin Stößer, Kyung-Ho Sun, Laura Brichta, Luisa Fosco, Lukas Kaross, Malte Sänger, Marc Krause, Markus Neunobel, Martin Kreitl, Matthias Lawetzky, Mattis Kuhn, Merlin Flügel, Miguel Graetzer, Nicolas Ritter, Nikolaus Kockel, Nora Mohr, Oliver Rossol, Pascal Breitenbach, Raffaela Fehrekampf, Richard Pruss, Robert Schittko, Robin Klußmann, Rudi Weissbeck, Sertan Satan, Sophia Igel, Sulamith Bereiter, Theresa Büchner, Tilmann Aechtner, Urs Daun, Valerie Eisenmann, Veruschka Bohn

The photographs were created as part of the ON STAGE project at the Offenbach University of Art and Design (HfG).

Michael Fuchs-Gamböck, Arthur Brown, Justin Sullivan, Baron Wolman

Barbara Bierach

Dr. Jeremy Gains

Kunst- und Werbedruck GmbH & Co KG

Published by
University of Art and Design

Publishing and Distribution

Supported by
Deutsche Bahn AG
Ihr Einkaufsbahnhof

Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016

The Result

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